Unexplained Scotland

A mixtape of the weird, wonderful, and occult.

We like to think of this book and the stories told in it as a David Bowie mix CD.

Sure, maybe you’ve heard of classics like The Gorbals Vampire (Changes), but the mix also includes underrated deep cuts like Nessie’s Exorcism (Watch That Man) and even one story that should probably be left out of the mix but is so bonkers that it has to be read to be believed: The East Kilbride Goblin (The Laughing Gnome)

Join us in taking a unique look at 20 tales of the mysterious, the supernatural, and the unexplained from around Scotland.

We’ll meet vampires, witches, ghosts, goblins, monsters and maybe even an alien.

Just don’t expect it to be too serious.

Launching soon.

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