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I always loved that Nintendo’s game designers were all people without a games background: Pikmin was created by a gardener, Splatoon by an artist. Disco Elysium was written by a political activist and novelist. If your reaction is to say that “Shigeru Miyamoto wasn’t a gardener!”, this magazine might not be for you. That’s okay.

Filmmakers Without Cameras is a misnomer.

It’s not a magazine just about or for filmmakers; it’s a love letter to films, video games, and board games written by people whose passions lie beyond those things.

It’s down to earth, thoroughly unpretentious, and easily accessible. I want this to be a platform for people who don’t usually write about games or films to write about those things, and I want this to be a gateway for people to start looking at the art they love in meaningful ways.

We set out to find the most niche of takes, asking contributors to write things only they could write. Things like:

🐛 Strong beliefs that A Bug’s Life is the socialist bible for the masses
🎲 Interests in the historical origins of board game mechanics
❗ That one really oddly specific take you have about Keynesian economics and Netflix’s The Floor Is Lava.

Issues 1 and 2 of Filmmakers were a smorgasbord of topics. For Issue 3 we’re changing things up a little: we’ve got a theme.


Tell us about what “home” means to you – how videogames, films, and boardgames portray home; about the spaces in which you play and watch, and the political and cultural homes you occupy within them. Go as wild and off-piste as you want!

The pandemic is causing us to reflect a lot on what home means and our relationship to home as a place, concept or combination of the two. Pieces written about a theme like this may touch on things you’ve experienced throughout the pandemic, but we’re not looking for COVID-19 to be a central theme.

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